Climate Change

While I’m not a big believer in ‘Global Warming’, I am a believer in climate change. Our planet has
constantly been changing since it was created, and I suspect it will continue. I find it interesting that some
scientists make long term predictions based on some very short term records. How many years have we been
keeping accurate world wide weather records? I believe that the first weather satellites were launched in the
1960’s. While we as a species have amassed a great deal knowledge, we still don’t totally understand all of
the effects of the sun, solar flares, gravitational pull, etc has on our planet. Scientists have determined that
violent volcanic eruptions have wiped out entire species and changed our world for era’s. Our planet is 3/5’s
ocean. We have barely scratched the surface in their exploration. I would suggest a few hundred more years
of research and learning will go a long way in making informed predictions.  If we are experiencing global warming, I am thankful because as I slog thru the snow and cold I know it might be worse if it were not for “Global Warming”

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