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Morper Imagetycoon: noun a person of rank, power, or influence in a particular field… Merriam-Webster Dictionary

tycoon: noun [C] /tɑɪˈkun/ a person who has achieved great success in business… Cambridge Dictionary

The Company “Land Tycoons” was created by Seasoned Real Estate Brokers whom have enjoyed many years in different aspects of the Real Estate industry. Buying and Selling Real Estate has more than one solution for assisting a client to attain their goals. Land Tycoons has experts in typical real estate transactions, in property exchanges, auctions and in property investments.

Land Tycoons has created multi-leg transactions in Property Exchanges. This diversity and ability to expand options has created increased portfolio values for their clients.

Auctions have assisted Land Tycoons clients in a quick dispersal of property. Clients of large parcels or of many parcels of property have benefited from this method, especially when handling estates, trusts or partnerships that require a swifter resolution. Depending on the property, auctions often bring a better success than expected.

Clients hired Land Tycoons to assist them in accomplishing their goals. Once their immediate goal was attained, they created long term goals for Land Tycoons to accomplish for them, with success. Many of Land Tycoons clients have been with them for years, throughout many transactions. The professionals with Land Tycoons have achieved great success for their clients in the Real Estate Industry.

Land Tycoons has the knowledge and experience in fields ranging from Investment Property to Luxury homes, from Ranches to Farms to Recreational Property. Depending on the type of transaction, at times they have worked with a combination of these property types into one transaction! There’s magic in having the matrix make music!

Land Tycoons has had the opportunity to conduct transactions nationwide. Land Tycoons “network” with Brokers, Auctioneers, and Exchange experts across the country. They primarily operate in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The Southwest is their back yard and they are very familiar with the region.

Land Tycoons invite you into their back yard to assist you, to meeting your goals! Allow Land Tycoons to guide you through your next venture.